• How much space does the mirror take up?
    • Optimum set up space 20ft x 20ft. This leaves enough room for backdrop, red carpet and props table, if applicable. However if space is limited we can minimize set up to work within a space of 10ft x 10ft. We will also need access to power within 6ft of set up space.

  • How long does it take to set up?
    • Set up time will vary and depends on lay out of venue and backdrop, it should take about 45 mins - 90 mins.

  • How close to my event should I book?
    • Bookings are taken well in advance, therefore to secure your date we would advise you to book as soon as your event is confirmed. Keep in mind we are very busy during peak season and weekends. We will always try to accommodate last minute bookings depending on availability.

  • What value does the Mirror Photo Booth add to my party?
    • Our Mirror Booth is incredibly fun and entertaining for your guest to use and it creates amazing memories of your special event. As soon as your guests see that there is a Mirror photo booth at your event, there is no stopping the fun. The possibilities are endless and everyone will remember your party because of it.

  • What are event enhancements?
    • Event enhancements are extra enhancements for your event like Dancing on the Clouds, remote controlled LED bracelets and more. The event enhancements are sure to leave you and your guest with an experience they won't forget.

  • Reservations
    • Reservations are non refundable